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The selection process

The process

After registrations close for a graduate program, the program coordinator will sort registrations based on eligibility for their program (including relevance of your degree/s).

If you are eligible you will be contacted by the department and  invited to submit an application for the program.  Only people who have submitted a registration of interest on the portal will be invited to apply.
The next application process could include:

  • online testing
  • written application
  • phone/video interview
  • visiting an assessment centre
  • face-to-face interview(s)
  • referee checks.

You will be given information about the application process if you are contacted.

When we will contact you

You will only be contacted by a department:

  • after their registrations of interest have closed and
  • if you are successful in progressing to the next stage of their recruitment process.

You may be contacted by departments right up until the end of the year for any of these opportunities.

Who will contact you

Your application will be accessed by recruiters for all relevant graduate program roles and some graduate entry level roles. This means that you may be contacted by more than one department if your qualification is relevant to a number of graduate programs or roles. Keep a record of the roles you are being considered for, the contact person for the role and any relevant information you've been provided, i.e. the role description, to avoid any confusion.

Notification of the outcome

If you are invited to apply for a graduate program, you will receive a notification from the department if you are unsuccessful. Being unsuccessful for one role has no bearing on whether you will be successful for other roles.

At the end of the year, you will receive an email to confirm that the portal has been closed and that you were not successful in obtaining a role this year. You will need to register again the following year if you wish to be considered for opportunities.


If you are interviewed by a department, you can request feedback from the department on your application if you are unsuccessful.

Last updated:
3 May, 2016

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